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We are committed to ensure your home stands out among the rest with Craftsmanship & Quality.

With our 6 step custom construction process Brainstorming, Architectural, Agreement, Interior Design, Pre Construction and Construction; our goal is to ensure our clients get a masterly built home at a reasonable price and more efficient timeline.

Relax and enjoy the experience, we are here to help and guide you through each stage of the building process.

1. Early Brainstorming

Urban Indigo Fine Homes works with you to fill out your personalized New Custom Home Planning Worksheet. All of your needs, wants, base specifications and budget are outlined. We’ll also review the specific property your home is to be built on, as well as the design and permitting process. This is the “getting to know each other” phase and will help determine if Urban Indigo Fine Homes is the right fit for you.

2. Design Stage

The next step will be the Custom Home Design Request Form. Now we’re getting into the fun stuff. If you have a binder of magazine photos, reference pictures, or floorplans – bring them in. Don’t forget, we also have a selection of previously built floor plans under our belt. A non-refundable deposit is required at this stage to cover concept and design work and a survey of the lot. We will meet with one of our Urban Design Specialists to review the New Custom Home Planning Worksheet, any available sketches, pictures and your selected specifications.

After the meeting, the designer will review land use bylaws and development guidelines, request a survey of the property (if applicable) and finally prepare a concept design which will include floorplans and approximate elevations.

REVIEW 1: Once the concept design is completed, another meeting between you and the designer is held to review the design. Edits to the plan will be documented and the designer will complete one more round of edits. A plot plan will be prepared for review.

REVIEW 2: A second meeting is scheduled to review your plans. Any further edits to the plan will be documented and the designer will complete one more round of edits if necessary. Our accounting team will then review the information to ensure the plans still meet the budget expectations .

REVIEW 3: Final sign off. You will review final plans and sign off.

3. Construction Contract

Once you have approved the information prepared within the design stage, an estimate will be created to finalize pricing. When reviews and specifications are complete, the final pricing for the home will be established and a fixed-price contract will be executed. At this point we will submit a formal Development Permit Application to the city/town /county in question. The permitting process can take anywhere from 4 to 16 weeks depending on the nature of the proposed development.

4. Site Preparation & Interior Design

While the home plans are going through the development permit process, Our team prepares the property for the new build. Based on your approval, we will coordinate any removal of hazardous materials, utility disconnects and demolition. At the same time, you will be introduced to your personal Project Manager who will guide you through the selection of all interior appointments. Everything from colours and cabinets, to flooring, appliances and electrical layouts will be selected during this stage.

5. Pre-Construction

Once the development permit is approved, Urban Indigo team will review the construction drawings and specifications for the home, incorporating any items added during the interior design process. We will meet for a final sign off of the construction documents before applying for the Building Permit.

6. Construction

The construction process follows Urban Indigo’s standard protocol for estate home building as we diligently complete the construction of your home. You will be invited on tours of the construction, but otherwise, you can relax and enjoy watching your home take shape.

1. Excavation
2. Foundation
3. Framing
4. Lock Up
5. Exterior Finish
6. Mechanical
7. Electrical
8. Audio Sound
9. Drywall
10. Interior Finishing
11. Landscaping
12. Final Detailing
13. Pre-Occupancy Walk Thru
14. Final Touch Ups
15. Celebration

7. Final Step – Home Occupancy & Warranty Protection

Hooray! You‘ll walk through your new home with the Construction Manager and Warranty Manager. We will review the details of the home and how to operate all features. Together, you will look for any unfinished or damaged items, which will be fixed immediately. You will also have the peace of mind with a joint warranty program from Urban Indigo Fines Homes and the Progressive Home Warranty, which covers you up to 10 years. Here is how your investment is protected:

• defects in materials and labour for a period of one year starting on the date on which the coverage begins,
• defects in material and labour relating to plumbing, heating , electrical
• defects in the building envelope for a period of 5 years starting on the date on which the coverage begins, and
• structural defects for a period of 10 years starting on the date on which the coverage begins.
For every homeowner, the Urban Indigo experience is as unique and tailored as the resulting home.